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15 people coming up!

Fifteen people, now served. GUESS WHO!


1. At first, I thought, "I would really get along with this girl!" like NOT! Sure she's nice sometimes, but she could be mean (And i mean MEAN) and bossy! I couldn't act like ME when I'm around her.

2. he's one of the nicest people I know. Knowing someone for three years is sometimes enough to say that this one will always stay grounded and never leave you, through ups and downs. Ready to give me a hand, whether it be math homework or out-of-school problems.

3. She is sooo the funniest girl I know! I don't have any dull moments with her, that's why having her as company truly makes me happy. Being shallow has got nothing to do with it, ask anyone, she's really hilarious. And she's one of my best buddies :)

4. Football! When he took a vacation here, he treated me agad. HAHAHA he's so nice and even though he left the country immediately even before the week of my birthday, he made sure that I'd received his birthday message. Awww.

5. My inner twin kid, I remember those days when we'd use to hang out at the cafeteria and eat while our analytic geometry teacher's upstairs and getting the class to participate to his discussions. Haha we used to diss all those people because they were so lovey-dovey and stuff! While others were busy talking about their boyfriends and girlfriends, the two of us kept ourselves sane by exchanging CDs and doing art-attacks. HAHA Pero ngayon.. Sinong inlove.. HAHA yihee:P

6. This guy?? ANNOYING, ANNOYING, ANNOYING! And did I mention he's SUPER ANNOYING? yeah he is soooo annoying! Kapal talo nga kita sa Daytona eh. Aaarrghh! You think we don't know anything, but we do know a lot! And stop pretending you're hot, coz man, you are so not!!!

7. She has helped me get closer to my God, and I thank her for that. I love you ate.:)

8. i miss you terribly, especially those days when you would give me all those gorgeous barbie dolls given by your Japanese cousin! And even though you can't stand her you hang out so she would give those to you! haha! When you bug me because you don't know what to do with watercolor and okra... Haha Making me libre at the mall or nearest tindahan... Oh well.. Guess when you come back you'll be so much handsome, and yeah, hotter toO! HAha yiheee moja :))

9. i'll never regret the day when I shoved everything there in my "hiya department" to get you to sit beside me at the GAB roofdeck, and talking to you like we've been friends for the longest time! You're officially now my sister and I hope you'll never change:)

10. "Mukhang psychopath na nakalabas ng mental!" Hindi kaya! Super nice girl, pretty too! Grabe we think of the same thinks everytime! hahaha (Even my mom says so!) Kaya lang may ano na eh... (Ayyy sohoree...) partner in crime? HAHAHA

11. I've known her since we were little, super maarte pa nga yan eh ayaw kumain ng pandesal! (YUCK RAW EEW) Grabe! We've been through it all (and I mean all!) I'm nice and she's not, I'm the angel and yeah, she's the terrorist! Haha joke! (wow giveaway!)  I love you, I love you, I love you:)  Yeap, she's the sister the BIg Guy up there forgot to give me:)

12. Wow, before, he's always the brother/friend. Never the boyfriend. Pero ngayon.. ahaha he found na FOR REAL the love of his life... HAHAHA love problems? run to him! need a counselor? nasa tabi-tabi lang sya. Nakalimutan mo meaning ng mediocracy? Pucha, alam nya yan!

13. When we were in grade school, people were tellin that out of us four, she'll be the last to have that special err.. someone..  tae pare, naunahan mo pa kame! haha we love you, we're always here, and we know you're happy:P

14. You want jokes, art projects, or assignments? Do you need a sister, a stand-up comedian, or Dr. Love? Call her name, she'll be there in a jiffy! She's also one of my best-est friend... I hope you're happy with whoever he is... (aaaaacckk:D)

15. Ang labo. But you know what? You've finally gave me a reason to smile by myself. I have started being an insomniac, because you've finally made me realize that reality is better than my dreams =) 

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