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Lord have mercy.

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Whoo. Moj and Ris had blogged about our bus ride the other day so im gonna give it a shot. anyways im the one who prodded them to take the farking bus since my legs were way tired; i hate going from train to train. especially now that theyre not yet done repairing that bridge which links the two trains.

haaaaaaaangg on before i go with that, let me tell you my story about our stupid exam in polsci. ick.

okay before the exam we spend our whole lunch time in the library, chatting and SERIOUSLY not reviewing, because we (donns, mary and i) suuuuuuper hate that subject. shet. then its time na to go to the room, and while having the test, there are these particular groupa people who are super pissing me off. WHY DONT YOU GUYS JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTHS AND LET US GO ON AND ANSWER THE STUPID EXAM??? if you didnt study, you dont hafta go around and tell everyone you didnt. okaaay. i dont have anything to write on my paper  na nga eh and ingay pa. argh.

tas nung malapit ng mag end yung test, i turned around to donns to ask her if shes ready to go na since i couldnt really extract my brain no more. ouuuchh. then my professor started making parinig... "ayoko ng mga taong nagpapalitan ng answers habang nagsasalita ko dito sa harapan.." and then it hit me. i turned to face him and he was looking at me! or i dont know if he was really looking looking at me, but i know for one thing, he was looking on my direction! shet!!! im so sorry but we really dont care enough to cheat on his subject. #!@@@!#~%&$#%***@^%">#!@@@!#~%$#%***@^%@!!! STUPID POLITICS!

                        I MISS SIR KARGANILLA!!!

                                                                     We want you back. We miss you!

there. done, lets go na to the bus ride. it was fun, ad in F-U-N! i wanna say sorry to ris though, we nearly didn't make it na. bwisit na boooogaw yun. hahahahahahaha (Moj ano acceleration naten? hehe! honestly guys, i super have fun when im with you three, sayang mary belly (btw shes okay na) doesnt ride with us hehe pero my baby poopoo a.k.a. Donk, Ris, and Moj, thanks for making the bus ride a blast, sayang we didnt take photos, it was risas first time pa naman! hahaha ohwell :) i hope were gonna have a BOOGAW PART TWO!!!



Okay, so my daughter poopoo and i bonded in ateneo while moha and risa were flirting with the card catalogs in the libary. we ate chicken strips (it was spicy! but good :D) and then roamed around and gave a thought about the love of our lives- really, like we have? *sigh* hahahaha okay we dont really want one, but hang on, yeah we dont want one but just so to experience the whole thing. hehe labo. basta, that's all we need. beach, boys and surfboards!!! hahaha the perfect summer romance! :D YO WE GOT MORE BOUNCE IN CALIFORNIA!!!

and again, sometimes i think im not pretty enough or good enough, thats why i dont have a man. eh bat sina donk? ris? moha? nikkivee? and al my beautiful gals out there? still single? its so labo talaga. (exception for erikaplaza like what moj said. hehe :P) buti pa in other countries, at least they think im pretty! hahahaha  this guy asked me who i think would win in chess between the two of us and i said i would (wala na to pare tried and tested! haha joke! :D) and you know what he said? "im not the best but I would hate to be checkmated by a pretty girl at chess...thats embarrassing) so I would win for sure!! " awww hahaha it seems like a good pick-up line but guess what, somebody was nice enough to say it to me! awww :)


MOJ: marame pa guys dyan. mas matino, mas gwapo... italiano! hahaha joke. :D cheer-up! move on, and bitter shouldnt be in your dictio! :D







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