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putang-ina! fuck! shit! whore!

yep yep. we celebrated curse day last saturday. in the mountains. pahirap! im telling u, i was like screaming somethin something every 20 seconds. we passed through some puñeta mud there. i don't even think some of it's mud anymore. when you step on the soil, your feet's gonna sink talaga-all the way to the ankles. yuck. god i wanted to die! i was like, i know we're goin to some disaster area but c'mon! i didn't even bring any medicine/ointments for asthma/insect bites or something because i thought we're just gonna walk and walk and walk. down a straight road. hay leche!

i got home by 12 and my mom got a *bit* mad  because I told her that we'll leave Cavite at about 4. When in fact we were still walking our hearts out outta the place. doi i can't imagine donna or reighben being there. but justin made some good impersonations of 'em. props to you, man.

hay naku basta, buict tlga! there even reached a time that i could really hear my heart beating and whenever we stop, it feels like there's this i dunno popping out of my ears. i really wanted to just stop walking and take a fuckin rest but i was like, 'ate kae, i need to go on, i can't stop walking.'

haha i kinda broke my phone nga pala. katangahan talaga! it wasn't because i slipped on our way to the pueblo or something, i thought i tightened the water cap bottle pero nde pala, it leaked through my whole bag where my phone is and when i got it, the down button, numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8 won't function anymore. haha! but it's a bit okay now. (thanks 3sa! expert!) yung down button na lang prob. :D          

haha it wasn't THAT bad at all (yeah right!) because I got to eat ice cream when we stopped over at jollibee. ooohh i was really craving for ice cream dunno why! Thursday we bought sundaes from mickey dee's, frosty yesterday from wendy's, and swirly bitz from jollibee! yay! justin even told me to think na raw of a new place to buy ice cream this comin monday. ah, sarap talaga!

another source of entertainment: theresa sleeping! haha grabe ang sama ko! i was laughing the whole time she was sleeping on our way to Cavite; katawa-tawa naman talaga e wahaha! grabe, wa-poise pag tulog! saya nga e, she never gets stiff neck, ako nahihirapan sa itsura nya nung natutulog siya dun sa vehicle grabe! i'll post the video next time. :P

whatelse... uhm... the place was kinda nice (i think) and i got to ride a horse (all my pangungulit paid off) but i rode it just for a mere 5 minutes i think, i wasn't feeling that good na kasi, i really wanted to throw up na. yuck.

TODAY: comm was boo-o-o-ring. i think the professor doesn't even care. cool...

math, okay i guess. i mean, all i can hear was TRUE and FALSE and the prof's really talking fast- FAST! haha! but it's cool, i think i got it- well most of it. medyo kalito yung lesson. haha- to think it's logic pa lanG! pathetic.

i need to go to dreamland. may cdrc pa bukas pooootcha. imma go kill ate crdc. for good.

i hate frats and soros. they think they're these and all when they are SO NOT! yikes.

I'm going to MTV tomorrow! haha! i'm really really really hoping that sarah meier's there- god i love her!


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