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   I can't believe a guy is making me rate girls who pass by awhile ago. Then I can't make him rate boys because he said it's different, it's 'eeewww'. I don't get it at all. A, B, C, F (no D) and worse, F1, F2, up to F10 if you don't meet their standards! Guys are soooooo mean!

   First time to attend debate meeting last Tuesday. I was kinda surprised because they made me do 3 impromptu speeches. THREE!!! I'm not even good at this kinda stuff!!! Anyway. my scores were all give-aways (that's what I think!) I got 6/10, 7 and 7.5. Haha! At least all of 'em were improving! I still stink though.

   Something terrible happened to me that night too. My wallet got stolen! I don't know... Suddenly, when I started to unconsciously put my bag in front of me, that's the time it'll get lost. I'm so dumb. Mary and I were walking kinda fast actually because if we don't she'll get home by 10 PM. That's why we're hurrying up. Then I stopped near a rubbish bin for about half a minute to finish my sundae and then I threw the sundae cup. Everything was so fast! Then when I looked back at my bag it's open and my wallet's gone! My NEW school ID, cards, pictures and money were all there! Waahh!!! Memoirs of MTV and polaroid cameras gone! Good thing I have everything stored on my computer but still those were hard copies, original copies. And it's my mom's Louie!!! I'm such a SPACE CADET. :((

   I woke up kinda late so we went off at not-our-normal-we-go-out-of-the-house time, and good thing I came when our professor was just about to hand out the questionnaires. I didn't study, even though I had Mary's book for three days (haha lazy!) but it's okay, I just think I would get a higher grade if I even tried reading a couple of pages.

   I ate at Sushi-Ya again awhile ago, with Theresa, Donna, Jeggar (is it right?) Mary, Justin and Betch. Tendons are yum-yum! And I spent our last minutes of our stay there bickering with Justin. Looosaaahh! Boooohllleeeyy! PEACE.

   Donnakins told me I was acting all crunk this day. Like I just laugh and laugh, and say REALLY weird stuffs and the like. What an insult. Kidding! Up to now I'm feeling really great! I'm not crunk! Now she says she can imagine me drunk, being all makulit and such. Sneaky.

   Btw check my multiply for the photos at MTV HANGING OUT!!! KJWAN!!!

   By the way i got LimeWire!!! I'm not a loser anymore! I advise everyone get it. Way easier. Haha. :D

   6 more signatures to go for Polis. Good Luck to everyone. :)

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