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Thanks for acting like you cared.

I feel your hand, holding mine, I feel your heart, taking mine...



2) wat'l u do if u see ur gf/bf hugging a
~> good thing i dun have a boyfriend!! hahaha!!! (Talaga lang huh... Martyr!)
3) hav a gf/bf?
~> Nopie..
4) hav ur own room?
~> yep yep
5) fav pet ?
~> just two half labradors haha :P whoa I miss my dog :(
6) 1 thing/person u cant live w/o?
~> my mom
7) wer do u live?
8) wat wud u do if sumone tells u he/she lyks
~> say thank you.duhhh
9) how are you feelin n0w?
~ contemplative and relaxed... confused at the same time. LABO!
11)what are you good at?
~> sleeping and blogging. and eating. joke!!! painting and
reading. hehe... *buhat ng sariling bangko*
12) what is it bout a person you cant stand? -
~> when they smell awful.. i also cant stand braggarts. I tend to leave them when they start with their "I'm this, and I have that" thingy. Haha I'm so mean!
13) what do you want?
~> cheesecake and john gotti. a good guy.
14) a word/s that describes you?
~> tall. as always. friendly. duhh, di na nagbago.
) what is ur dream?
~> to be a pilot. and to see my face in a
16) day/nite?
~> beats me. i cud sleep during the day and the
17) sunset/sunrise?
~> sunrise. but i think sunset's more romantic.
18) like a romantic bf/gf?
~> not overly romantic
19) what is it about the opposite gender that
attracts you?
~> nice eyes, height and good hair.
20) are you an independent person?
~> hehe... i'll leave u hanging for that one.
21) Do you like school?
~> i miss high school!
22) are you stubborn?
~> nope
23) believe in God?
~> yup
24) ur favourite sport? -
~> chess and soccer
25) believe in fate?
~> no
26) get pissed off easily?
~> depends. im moody.
27) like ur parents?
~> love them.
28) r u a materialistic person?
~> there are times.
29) believe in love?
~> yeah?
30) question please?!
~> i kinda didn't get that one...
~> nope. SOMEONE made me try it though, only 2 puffs. I will never try it again. NEVER. yucckk
32) club / pub/ bar?
~> yes
33) wil u forgive ur gf/bf if he/she cheats on u?
~> depends...
34) will u expect ur gf/bf to forgive u?
~> hell yeah
35) were u on a trip recently?
~> nope
36) fave country(s)?
~> dame! korea, italy, uk, and us
37) r u impatient?
~> nope
38) r u patient?
~> yes
39) do u organise parties often?
~> organizing is not my thing
40) do u hav good and trusted friends?
~> yes
41) do u think u r good-looking?
~> ha! i do!
42) do u care about looks?
~> not all the time.
43) do you think that you're a good gf/bf?
~> didn't i just tell that i dun have one? :D
44) will u get 1?
~> yeah.i wanna get married!
45) do you quarrel with people easily?
~>nope.. im actually sociable... *buhat uli*
46) are you forgiving?
~> yeah
47) do you get hurt easily?
~> opo!!!
48) do you prefer gurl wit long/short hair?
~> GUYS with not-so-long-not-so-short hair.
49) do u prefer guys wid long/short hair?
~>*not too short, not too long
50) is ur hair colored?
~> nope
51) are you a romantic partner?
~> next
52) do you wear a watch??
~>* i love watches!!
53) what color clothes do you like?
~>* white, pink, and blue
54) will you choose love or money?
~> I dunno
55) do you prefer sleep or eat?
~>* sleep sleep
56 )white or black?
~>* white
57) pink or red?
~>* pink
58) fav flower?
~> white roses and orchids


I don't miss him, I miss who I thought he was. :(

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